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#1 Andrew A1730 pts
#2 Vega1719 pts
(11 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 Kamirashi1607 pts
(112 pts behind Vega)
#4 Champ1579 pts
(28 pts behind Kamirashi)
#5 mike flips1559 pts
(20 pts behind Champ)
#6 BikerBrian1535 pts
(24 pts behind mike flips)
#7 PMD1478 pts
(57 pts behind BikerBrian)
#8 Laser1468 pts
(10 pts behind PMD)
#9 Shane1436 pts
(32 pts behind Laser)
#10 Tyler1401 pts
(35 pts behind Shane)
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Note: this levelpack will be added to the Hall of Fame shortly (perhaps after some adjustments). See also:  Sweet Fifteen, New Deal, and THEN...
level 11 was missing in the file so i was forced to move levels 12-15 to 11-14. was this levelpack supposed to have 15 levels?
Oh Sorry ? no worries. I need to add Mario 1-1 as number 11. Don?t know how that happened, but I had to shift the order around and when I did that, Mario 1-1 get left out somehow Actually, I didn?t touch that level so if you want, you can just add it in there since it?s the same version that Mike made
ok, i will fix it.
so far since sz said four people have voted. and i don know if anyone has voted sice. the highest ranked levels are coal miner rescue and so close yet so far with 4and a half each
oops my mistake batman begins also has 4 and a half
mike flips
First of all bones, we are sposed to rank the levels for difficulty, not for how much you like it. Sz said difficulty so if we need to we can reorder the levels.

And since we dont know who voted, we dont know if anyone tried voting their levels the best and therefore automatically voted other peoples levels worse without playing them.

the levelpack is now updated: sorted according to our difficulty rating and "can you bike right" has the flags instead of mines as proposed by mike.
and once again, i can complete all levels except for the last one please someone send me the recording for the "coal miner rescue" so i could test the server before this pack is added to the hall of fame
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sz i would but i have no palm. kris should have a replay of this version though. man when i get a new palm gold medal here i come.

We kinda all wanted Jive in the Five to be level 5, but I guess it's not imperative.
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