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Sweet Fifteen
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#1 Andrew A1657 pts
#2 mike flips1590 pts
(67 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 BikerBrian1545 pts
(45 pts behind mike flips)
#4 Tyler1533 pts
(12 pts behind BikerBrian)
#5 Kristopher1499 pts
(34 pts behind Tyler)
#6 Kamirashi1492 pts
(7 pts behind Kristopher)
#7 Gus1476 pts
(16 pts behind Kamirashi)
#8 Laser1467 pts
(9 pts behind Gus)
#9 Shane1453 pts
(14 pts behind Laser)
#10 PMD1436 pts
(17 pts behind Shane)
76 comments on 8 pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 >>>>
This levelpack is going to be the next in the competition. Test it before it is too late
This looks great- a nice average pack. It will be nice to have normal levels after the big ones in the Summer Pack and the samll ones in the Newbie Pack. I think the worst levels may be Rocket and Love Maze, but I haven't tried them yet. Now to test them...
mike flips
lotsa big levels that you have to go all around the map collected flags, a few levels are really hard, but overall its a pretty nice level pack, if any were to be changed before the official release, i think love maze, rockey, and piece of cake
Mike Flips, don't forget about the other page of levels:

http://bike.toyspring .com/levels.php?p=86& sc=0& so=0& lp=1

mike flips
i didnt forget, i just went out for a bit, lol, time to rank about these other levels...

Bounce = impossible for beginners - I love it though

Dragon Flame = i dont like - too much running around for flags, not a fluid,smooth level like most time trial levels

Alien Sculpture = a nice fluid level,however kinda long

Breaking School = again this is a tough level for beginners, but isnt horrible
mike flips
i think most players playing this level pack will get to level 7 (sinus) and then not be able to move on due to being unable to beat levels 8-10,

i personally think these 3 must be removed and replaced (no offense to the creators or you Sz)

Here are my thoughts on the level pack:

I like the first 6.

Sinus Mountain I am sure I will eventually be able to do fast, but for now, I can probably just get it done. Will take quite a bit of testing and trial and error to get a good time.

I HATE the Beach. I did it, but not without a lot of trying and it is a very frustrating level. If I were a novice player, I might give up once I got to this level. Not fun to play.

Rocket will probably be OK.

Not sure about Love Maze just yet. Seems quite hard.

I like Bounce.

Dragon Flame I am not crazy about--reminds me of Cave Dweller--not flowing and long.

Eruption I like.

Alien Sculpture will be fine.

Braking School I haven't finished yet, but I like what I have tried. I don't think it will be too hard.

Overall, I could do without the Beach, but everything else seems like it will work fine.
i see that some levels will probably removed and/or we can rearrange the sequence, maybe my evaluation of the difficulty level is wrong.
but please suggest some replacement levels, otherwise it will be dirty dozen instead of sweet fifteen
Soy de la idea que NO deberķan haber cambios , sencillamente para los jugadores experimentados y no solamente un levelpack para newbies. Desde hoy empiezo a jugarlos.
mike flips
Replacement levels for Love maze and Rocket:

100 Yard Dash from MF Olympics = Perfect theme for time trial and also a nice challenge for all levels of players

Gun from Kris' extreme files = really FUN level, requires good technique and handling,
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