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#1 Andrew A1657 pts
#2 mike flips1590 pts
(67 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 BikerBrian1545 pts
(45 pts behind mike flips)
#4 Tyler1533 pts
(12 pts behind BikerBrian)
#5 Kristopher1499 pts
(34 pts behind Tyler)
#6 Kamirashi1492 pts
(7 pts behind Kristopher)
#7 Gus1476 pts
(16 pts behind Kamirashi)
#8 Laser1467 pts
(9 pts behind Gus)
#9 Shane1453 pts
(14 pts behind Laser)
#10 PMD1436 pts
(17 pts behind Shane)
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100 Yard Dash - in a way it is similar to rocket ("do it again and again and again...") and some people can probably do it fluently, so maybe it is better (than rocket).

Gun - yeah, it's fun and i managed to complete it accidentaly but i think that experienced players would get more satisfaction from completing love maze than gun.
Try to have every other level be a hard one, so noone gets stuck in the middle of a levelpack.
Also, I really like Siamese Y's because it is so fast, like Konecnik Down.
http://bike.toyspring .com/level.php?l=1208
I think Rocket is fine if you want to have a level like that. If you are looking for replacement levels, these are my two favorites from my level pack:

Fenway - http://bike.toyspring .com/level.php?l=1345
Has lots of different routes to complete it, which gives a number of different options for doing it faster. A new person could complete it. A short level, but not a bottle.

Red Sox 1 - http://bike.toyspring .com/level.php?l=1346
At first it seems like it would be long, but it is a fast level and requires good technique. I think someone could do it under 40 seconds.

Other than that, I liked Mike Flips Bobsled Run and Kristopher has a couple good ones in his Extreme Level Pack (Angry Man, Jeans, and a few others). I haven't played any other packs for a while.
mike flips
ya bobsled is pretty nice
the new version awaits your comments...
please please tell me that everything is fine and we can start The Competition
Final minor suggestions:

* Switch Mostly Harmless and Alien Sculpture in the level order. It is good too have most of the hard levels near the end, but not so many that it stops newbies from getting through the levelpack.

* Change the colors in Ride the Rings. There are five colors in the Olympic logo. You could either omit black and use the other four, or use a winter color scheme.

* In Piece of Cake, please remove the three obstacles near the mid-left. It will allow the bike to pass this part of the level faster.

* In Alien Sculpture, I think this would be a better level with more routes if the two obstacles near the mid-left were removed.

Looks great.
You have my OK to go ahead with the pack as it is now. I need to work on 100 yard dash. My son can do it, but I haven't as of yet. I like the pack. It has a good mix. Some difficult, most fun, and good scores will take skill.
Any chance of adding this to the Time Trial in the next four hours?
the new version was just uploaded.
  • removed some obstacles from piece of cake and alien sculpture
  • ride the rings is now called "olympic rings" and colors are different (see it on palm - there are more than usual 2 colors, it's a secret feature not present in the regular level editor however it is still not possible to make them look like real olympic rings)

    i won't enable the hall of fame until tomorrow (some things need re-checking after all these changes) but you can start playing now and submit later (make sure you have the most recent version of the pack, with "olympic rings" ).
  • Kristopher

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