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Unable to upload recordings from Palm Treo 650

My Treo 650 fails every time with "Unrecognized response from the server"
It appears to connect ok to start with saying it's connecteding, then sending data, then receiving data - then the error above.
I had to uploaded a game using the website to create this account, still doesn't work from the Treo though.
Any ideas?

same thing with my T5 (SE k700i - O2)
Mmmm, does anyone know what the problem is?
You Qi
same to my clie too! it's server problem, happened last year but dunno why suddenly back to normal.
Well hopefully the people who run the server will see this and do something about it.
You Qi
it's working back!
Same here (Treo 650) ... i continue to have that problem
"Unrecognized response from the server"
Please there's some workaround to fix that ?
did you ever get this problem sorted, getting it on my zodiac 2 now ! ! !!
still getting "unknown reponse from server"
help ! ! ! Please ! !! !
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