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You Qi Levels Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
Pages: 1...10 ...20 ...30 ...730 ...740 ...744
#1 Andrew A1141 pts
#2 Laser1084 pts
(57 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 mike flips1082 pts
(2 pts behind Laser)
#4 BikerBrian1046 pts
(36 pts behind mike flips)
#5 PMD1029 pts
(17 pts behind BikerBrian)
#6 Cirenco1025 pts
(4 pts behind PMD)
#7 Kamirashi1013 pts
(12 pts behind Cirenco)
#8 DavidKing1001 pts
(12 pts behind Kamirashi)
#9 Shane964 pts
(37 pts behind DavidKing)
#10 Tyler958 pts
(6 pts behind Shane)
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Texturized by   Xuzz!
I used "australia" easter egg in Master KO's Bottle level... and my record was 2.60... hehehehe, but i can't upload it! hehehehe
Funny that "australia reverses gravity.

Not so funny that you can't reset it! and it affects ALL the other levels!
Had to recover a previous save point on my card backup and reboot.

Thanks very much!
Doh, just found Sz s instructions on easter eggs - that would have been simpler
What's the the australia reversing gravity? Australia is south! Or is there a deeper meaning...
Quote : [Hehe, usual Malaysians aren't smart enough to spot a good game .]

how can u say that , i've been playing for like a year but havent registered cuz quite wasting time

so here i am , but still can beat You Qi

oh ya , jz promoting abit 1st , im making a lvlpack , hope to get good feedback next time
er , i mean i can't beat you qi , lol
You Qi
you had been playing a year and only completed 3 levels with 100++ ranking? Oh My God~! LOL!!
OMG I hate this levelpack. LOL. I'm still on level 2, although I've hopelessly failed at *other* levels through Bike or Design. Yeah...I haven't beaten level 1; it just sounds better to say I'm on level 2. The levelpack is generally irritating to me. I Despise It!!! Nice work, You Qi.
mike you need to get 41 points and take gold here,cirinco and david king don't evan play anymore....
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