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You Qi Levels Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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#1 Andrew A1141 pts
#2 Laser1084 pts
(57 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 mike flips1082 pts
(2 pts behind Laser)
#4 BikerBrian1046 pts
(36 pts behind mike flips)
#5 PMD1029 pts
(17 pts behind BikerBrian)
#6 Cirenco1025 pts
(4 pts behind PMD)
#7 Kamirashi1013 pts
(12 pts behind Cirenco)
#8 DavidKing1001 pts
(12 pts behind Kamirashi)
#9 Shane964 pts
(37 pts behind DavidKing)
#10 Tyler958 pts
(6 pts behind Shane)
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Texturized by   Xuzz!
oh and sorry for the double post but xuzz a durian is yellow seems like you didnt know also it smells like rotting flesh
of course if YouQi comes back bringing a differently textured YouQi levels then the Xuzz's version would be removed
bones, i understand your point, this is somewhat similar to colorizing old movies... not an ideal solution, but it makes people appreciete these old works better

btw. i just have updated the levelpack again - the first textured version was not marked as "Hall of Fame" (sorry!)
I think all the old level packs should be textured!

of cource with the exeption of "old school"because old school sias old school so we must keep it that way,the same as when bod exploded and became awsomeness,but the other levels are fine being textured,makes the game more fun to play and also more impressive
@bones: The reason i texturized them is because of this PM Sz sent me during the beta process for BoD2:

"texturing levelpacs: not before v2.0 - but then, probably yes or this could be done by anyone else once the new level editor is published"

The anybody else part inspired me to try to texturize some. First i texturized Newbie and Old School (sorry pickle, but it wasn't that good anyway), but they weren't that great texturizations. So then i tried You Qi after Sz sent me some guidelines:

"here are the guidelines i'm trying to follow in my modifications:
# retain the original color scheme (not necessarily the same colors, but a similar palette - extended by additional textures where applicable)
# make sure it looks good with 3D disabled (everyone uses 3D anyway, but the "2D playability test" ensures a good contrast between sky and ground)
# add nice background detail and/or colorize some objects where possible "

This helped me because i now had a plan for texturizing. I chose You Qi levels because they are so detailed and realisitc, so they could be easier to make look good .

About the durian: I texturized these around midnight (not infront of a computer), so i couldn't go and check what You Qi said the fruits were. So i used the ones i remembered.

@You Qi (if you still visit): If you have any objections, just post
I think bones is trying to avoid another "JAV and Vega's snake modifications*" insedent (sp) here , am i right bones ?

*Just because im new doesn't mean that i don't know a lot of whats happened in the last 4 or so years

PS: Sz, can you make the durian yellow ?
Sorry for triple post, but:

P.P.S. (yes BB ): How do you pronounce you qi? Is it "you kee" or what? And same for SiuLun and Master KO (is it "master ko" or "master kay oh"?).....i was never good at phonetics
no you qi woldnt be mad bout this i am just old fashioned and think it should stay the same as it was originally made
durian updated
I HATE THESE LEVELS . This is my worst level pack .
Topped PrayeR!
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