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2. Loop 1 (771)
3. Loop 2 (737)
4. Loop 3 (344)
6. Nose (394)
7. Cave 2 (425)
8. Tricky (303)
9. Fly! (389)
10. Sqare (375)
11. Bird (385)
12. Tatra (329)
 New Deal (2611)
 Old School (2248)
 BikeForce (1252)

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5. Cablecar
in  OrR's Levels Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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#1 Andrew A0:41,98
121 pts
ViewScrub that last one!

Wanted sub 42 which I've just managed here.

Surprised to get it so quickly, but isn't that the way it so often goes?
#2 BikerBrian0:42,58
116 pts
ViewThat's better! This level shows the power of leaving your game closed. This was one of the longest standing golds (held by MF). Now it is 3 seconds faster. Thanks to Kris for causing me to take another look at this level. I had not played it on my iPhone until a few days ago.
#3 Kristopher0:44,26
112 pts
ViewMF's trick with some better execution. (Open!)
#4 mike flips0:45,58
109 pts
#5 Spence0:46,52
107 pts
#6 Mr.pickle.0:47,48
105 pts
#7 PrayeR0:48,18
103 pts
#8 Champ0:48,28
101 pts
#9 Laser0:48,80
99 pts
#10 Tyler0:49,22
97 pts
13 comments on 2 pages: <<<< 1 2
th fun version rules(cause i can beat it!)
You Qi
lol.. hey, can't you just give me the medal?
I really don't understand what's so difficult about this level... O.o Especially since there are replays...
But I realize I shouldn't have put loop3 and cablecar directly in this order...
u should NOT PLACE the most difficuilt part of the level almost at the end.
let me explain. if something is very hard at the begin of the level - u can try and try many times. but if something is difficuilt to do after 30-40 sec. after begin - u won't have enough mood to play this level again and again.
i am glad that some peoples who play good - "made" this level, but again, level packs in online competition SHOULD be for ALL levels of players.
damn yeah, i am trying to finish this level already 1 hour.
and i am p**** off. and that's only one level from this level pack i can not finish...
ok, i am not bit**** anymore. did this level.
muahahahaha. 1h and 10min did their job.
You can always use the editor to practise a certain passage in the level... Once you understand how it works it's quite easy...
thanks for the tip OrR! i did not know about such possibility! danke sehr.
I agree with prayeR before he changed his mind,very anoying!
Environmentally Friendly!
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