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United States, Tennessee
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I'm back!
Level 5 - Cablecar

Time: 0:41,56 (Completed)



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Andrew A
Wow! Very nice run!

Really good to see you back buddy!

I thought you would have overhauled me at the turnaround, as mine is a bit extravagant - shall we say, but you do it just after with a nice wheelie boost. That's quite hard to get right (I haven't done it in a legit run - yet ) - well done!

So - did you go the old iPod Touch off eBay route?
Thanks Andrew, it's good to be back!

Yes, I got a refurbished iPod Touch (4th gen) off of eBay. I logged into the app store on it and found BoD in my "Purchases". I then went to the BoD website and downloaded my best times.

After a 4-year break, I figured it would take longer to get back up to speed, but it was just like riding a bike.

It did take me a few thousand tries to beat my best time and took quite a few more to finally take gold back with this run.

Our runs are very similar - the wheeling boost made the difference. Gaining and keeping momentum on the way back is more difficult than it looks.

Thanks for taking this gold, which is what it finally took to give me the drive to jump back on the bike!

Hmm... now what??
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