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7 Year Itch Requires v1.6 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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#1 Kamirashi1856 pts
#2 Andrew A1850 pts
(6 pts behind Kamirashi)
#3 BikerBrian1817 pts
(33 pts behind Andrew A)
#4 Champ1696 pts
(121 pts behind BikerBrian)
#5 Smalls1653 pts
(43 pts behind Champ)
#6 Alpha1648 pts
(5 pts behind Smalls)
#7 SPiDeR1605 pts
(43 pts behind Alpha)
#8 PMD1602 pts
(3 pts behind SPiDeR)
#9 casey1524 pts
(78 pts behind PMD)
#10 Cody1502 pts
(22 pts behind casey)
12 comments on 2 pages: 1 2 >>>>
all this secrecy in this pack so far... makes me chuckle.
I'll be able to get in on this craziness Sunday evening.
Can't wait to see what routes you come up with.
Kenn, it will be awesome to have you back! Btw, it's just like riding a bike...
#5 in the pack with one level that I can't submit. Not too shabby!
Even if I got dead last in This is War, I would be 3rd. What a pain to not be able to play that one!
Well I got an iphone for my birthday and this was the first app I downloaded. Still getting the hang of the new controls, it took me like..a week just to complete all these levels, they feel easy I just continuously hit the wrong button when playing. Anyhow, these are the first completions of each level and it put me ahead of 7 people...hopefully my second completions will be able to move me up a bit more, good to be back!
Good to have you back, even though your main play was when I was out for a while. Great times for just beating all of them straight through! Best of luck on your second run throughs!
Yay! Top ten after some mild refinement! Now if I can just toss in a few medals I will be happy with myself again!
I'm not touching this level pack again for a while, got a medal on every level in it now sorry for taking so many of your golds Brian ^^
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