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7 Year Itch Requires v1.6 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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#31 Sz1025 pts
(16 pts behind Kristopher)
#32 Andrasaron994 pts
(31 pts behind Sz)
#33kangaroojak978 pts
(16 pts behind Andrasaron)
#34Happy Ft929 pts
(49 pts behind kangaroojak)
#35 topher832 pts
(97 pts behind Happy Ft)
#36Daldayus823 pts
(9 pts behind topher)
#37Slappy805 pts
(18 pts behind Daldayus)
#38LulzSec618.5 pts
(186.5 pts behind Slappy)
#39AndrewA594 pts
(24.5 pts behind LulzSec)
#40 HRaul502 pts
(92 pts behind AndrewA)
12 comments on 2 pages: <<<< 1 2
Can't wait to see what routes you come up with.
Kenn, it will be awesome to have you back! Btw, it's just like riding a bike...
#5 in the pack with one level that I can't submit. Not too shabby!
Even if I got dead last in This is War, I would be 3rd. What a pain to not be able to play that one!
Well I got an iphone for my birthday and this was the first app I downloaded. Still getting the hang of the new controls, it took me like..a week just to complete all these levels, they feel easy I just continuously hit the wrong button when playing. Anyhow, these are the first completions of each level and it put me ahead of 7 people...hopefully my second completions will be able to move me up a bit more, good to be back!
Good to have you back, even though your main play was when I was out for a while. Great times for just beating all of them straight through! Best of luck on your second run throughs!
Yay! Top ten after some mild refinement! Now if I can just toss in a few medals I will be happy with myself again!
I'm not touching this level pack again for a while, got a medal on every level in it now sorry for taking so many of your golds Brian ^^
Don't feel bad about taking golds from anyone. It simply means that I didn't have them fast enough. Thanks for offering the competition required to master the levels in this pack.
Having some competition really is fun, too bad I joined this game 5 years after everyone else
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