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11. Ice cream!
in  7 Year Itch Requires v1.6 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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#1 Andrew A0:29,54
121 pts
ViewDecided to open this, and when you see it you will know why I kept it private for so long. It is very vulnerable to being beaten. Firstly (and obviously) with BB's "hard-ass jump" ( Kamirashi), followed by my move - or just a better run as is.

Having said that - it's a bit more tricky than it looks. Or so it seemed to me, going on for 2 years ago - haven't tried it since

Any takers? Kam - you will be smarting a bit atm, I imagine - having been No1 in this pack... (how do you do a sympathetic, but ever so slightly smug emoticon?... ).

Or of course you, BB?
#2 BikerBrian0:30,26
116 pts
View... and the cherry on top!
#3 Kamirashi0:31,32
112 pts
ViewI really didn't feel like doing the hard-ass jump
#4 Smalls0:31,72
109 pts
#5 Champ0:32,12
107 pts
#6 casey0:32,16
105 pts
#7 PMD0:32,28
103 pts
#8 Alpha0:32,38
101 pts
#9 SPiDeR0:32,84
99 pts
#10 Cody0:32,88
97 pts
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