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14. Classroom
in  7 Year Itch Requires v1.6 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
Pages: 1...10 ...20 ...30 ...34
#1 Kamirashi0:27,82
121 pts
ViewA+ (^_^)y
There's an improved way to get the jump off the pen though.. So in reality a B+ at best
#2 BikerBrian0:28,04
116 pts
ViewStill striving for an A+ (27.xx). I'll take this A for now...
#3 Andrew A0:28,82
112 pts
ViewEnd of term.

Under 29s - that will do for now.
#4 Alpha0:30,36
109 pts
ViewThe principal came for another inspection!
#5 SPiDeR0:31,52
107 pts
ViewThe professor will take over now.
#6 thedudeguy0:33,06
105 pts
ViewSorry I'm late to class
#7 Champ0:33,72
103 pts
#8 Smalls0:35,12
101 pts
#9 PMD0:35,36
99 pts
#10 Laser0:37,14
97 pts
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