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Freestyle Parade (Accepting submissions)
Testing Freestyle
on 8 May 2008
This is only for test purpose - submit anything here if you want.
Results will be deleted before starting the REAL freestyle competitions so you won't retain a medal gained here, sorry
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Score: 85.714%


on Pick Five

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Score: 75%


on So Close, Yet So Far

→ game link

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Score: 71.429%


on Loop 1

→ game link

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Score: 62.5%


on Twin Peaks

→ game link

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Score: 53.571%


on Castle

→ game link

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23 comments on 3 pages: <<<< 1 2 3 >>>>
good point! they should be in random order but the particular order must be preserved when paging this prevented me from implementing a "simple" shuffling.

btw. i'm thinking on implementing additional "voting power" adjustments. currently the power depends on the number of completed levels (so you can't affect the voting easily by creating clones).
it could also depend on:
  • number of evaluated entries (if someone is too lazy to see them all he can't be trusted )
  • rating distribution (decrease the power if someone does not use intermediate marks)
  • use the above factors taken from previous votings (a kind of "reputation")
  • "good taste": additional factor based on the difference between your voting and the final result (decreasing the influence of careless voters)

    what do you think?
  • Mr.pickle.
    I like it
    Anthother idea for the BoD 2 Intro is to have a cycle of intros...for everyone, or just the top 10 or so? Would add some spice...
    BoD 2 can cycle intro movies
    I think that weighting the vote by confimration of number of levels is one idea, but I would have though that drawing the line at 5 completed levels or more would get rid of ghost voting altogether ... (and insist that only BOD "purchasers" can vote)

    Either way, I wouldn't want new "real" players to feel like their vote doesn't count as much as someone who just happens to have been playing longer, so I would suggest that a "weighting" isn't such a cool idea.
    Mine's obvious.
    congrats Lee
    Thankyew, thankyew thankyew
    I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank my wife, and my employer for giving me the time and sponsorship to allow me to attack this game with such a passion. (whether they realise it or not)
    I'd like to thank the electricity board for the many re-charge cycles I've put my pda through to reach this pinnacle of achievement.
    I'd like to than the makers of such fine toilet seats that have supported my bum over the many months of play.
    It's been a ride... truly.
    yay i got the bronze i am happy congrats lee champ...i will forever dislike your run
    no oddense

    also sz will we keep our golds and other medals from the freestyle competition?i think it would be cool
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