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Freestyle Parade (Accepting submissions)
Testing Freestyle
on 8 May 2008
This is only for test purpose - submit anything here if you want.
Results will be deleted before starting the REAL freestyle competitions so you won't retain a medal gained here, sorry
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Score: 85.714%


on Pick Five

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Score: 75%


on So Close, Yet So Far

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Score: 71.429%


on Loop 1

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Score: 62.5%


on Twin Peaks

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Score: 53.571%


on Castle

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Just thinking - we could have categories for this competition - like "ridiculous leaps of faith that worked", or "just how fast can you go in a confined space?", or "who can compress their bike the most without it expoloding?"
if those categories are separate competitions then this is just what i meant introducing the new freestyle
or do you mean dividing competitions into categories (like levels in levelpacks)?
(actually, this might be necessary anyway once there are too many of them)

and your 3 ideas for competitions are just perfect!
btw. one reason why i had to rework the website before releasing BoD 2 is that the next freestyle competition (after closing this one) will be used to find the best biker(s) for the BoD 2 intro
you mean like the best runs?cause if so hella im submitting soon
This is a really good freestyle concept. How long will the freestyle competitions run for?
bones: basicaly yes, but not just best runs, but the best ones on the new BoD 2 title level

PiNerd: i don't know yet and i'm open to suggestions (a week for submission, 2 days for voting perhaps?)
are you going to release the title or bo two soon sowe can submit runs for it
Has everyone voted?
Do the entries always display in the same sequence? If so I think it would be better if they were random during the voting phase otherwise those on page 99 may not get a look in!
I think it would be better than random if the games with the least votes were shown first, but then the sorting would change after you vote!
Maybe the games could only be sorted once per day with this formula.
It would work well if the voting duration was > = 3 days.
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