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United States, Kansas City
Player's comment:
this level is really hard to perfect but when i come back to it im coming for you bike also seemed to slide on the highest triangle cool but weird.

also for anyone wondering what i submitted it was stuff from orR, nex gen, and supernatural
Level 2 - Loop 1

Time: 0:32,18 (Completed)


Nice run bones. I am not sure how your tire stuck to that triangle.

When you come back to it, I'll have to pull out my trick that I didn't use on my run. It is similar to the way you did it, but my way is faster.

I'd show you, but that trick is the way I will take back the Gold (if you theoretically took it from me).

sorry but i think i already know your trick and if i dont then that means a competition between us on this could be interesting,but i have made a promise on cmr and i intend to see it through first.
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