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#101 Dominic58:24,54 / 11 LP
#102 Dave13:51,66 / 10 LP
#103 haydn17:34,00 / 10 LP
#104 Josue26:42,66 / 10 LP
#105MobKiller27:56,86 / 10 LP
#106 joerick31:11,54 / 10 LP
#107 Luzi8256:45,42 / 10 LP
#108 Cirenco6:54,36 / 9 LP
#109 Smalls11:15,76 / 9 LP
#110 MATA12:25,74 / 9 LP
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Scoring is based on the total time needed to complete all levels.
Under 2 hours just became a whole lot tougher...
When you think about it, simply getting all levels completed is a pretty time-consuming task these days
How am I 5 here?
My smart alec response is you're number 5 because only 4 people have completed all levels with a lower combined time than you, but the real reason is because you're awesome.

I looked at 2 players that are higher than you in TTC, but lower in TR (Gus and Alex). You are 45 seconds faster than Gus in a single level - CMR and you are a combined 45 seconds faster than Alex in 3 levels (CMR, Dante, and Braking School). Oh yeah, and since Mike hasn't submitted runs for all of Spring Revival, he is lower than you also.

Way to go!
Andrew A
Kamirashi - all of 0.14 seconds from taking 3rd spot from PMD

Wonder how many weeks that will take him?
Zomg!! Working on improving cave 2 at the moment, so it might be 5 minutes or 5 weeks
Andrew A
Congratulations on 3rd Kamirashi!

Only 6 odd seconds behind Laser now...
Been some time since I last played this, burned myself out on cave dweller xD finally caught those few seconds for silver, brian is up next >
It's good to have you back! I was worried that you'd gotten lost in the cave . Watching our best Cave Dweller runs H2H shows that there are improvements to be made, but making those improvements is easier said than done.

It's weird... a part of me wanted you to take gold, which would force me to improve it again. Of course, another part of me is fine leaving it alone.
That's the annoying part about it! I can get really far ahead, but getting a good run AND nailing the finish is more than my patience can take. It really feels deceptively easy Just playing random levels that I like atm, maybe I'll stumble upon another of your golds soon (^_^)y
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