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#1 Andrew A0:29,38 / 16 LP
#2 Kamirashi2:11,62 / 16 LP
#3 BikerBrian2:27,36 / 16 LP
#4 Laser6:33,86 / 16 LP
#5 PMD6:40,40 / 16 LP
#6 casey13:18,02 / 16 LP
#7 SPiDeR15:29,48 / 16 LP
#8 Alpha16:08,50 / 16 LP
#9 Xuzz16:40,86 / 16 LP
#10 Mr.pickle.19:33,54 / 16 LP
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Scoring is based on the total time needed to complete all levels.
Thanks! and same to you. You did quite well for yourself.

The 2-3 incoming ones will certainly make things interesting for a while.
Can I join your club too?
Sure! We should have an "under 2 hour BOD club" T-shirt!

Anyhow, welcome!
hmm, I could get that shirt if only I could reduce another 1 minute 11 seconds
I think it's crazy that even if you watched the fastest game for each level, it would still take almost two hours to watch all all the levels be completed! That's a lot of bike or die!
I just notice that your avatar is BHG from XKCD daledude. Funny stuff.
Under 2 hours just became a whole lot tougher...
When you think about it, simply getting all levels completed is a pretty time-consuming task these days
How am I 5 here?
My smart alec response is you're number 5 because only 4 people have completed all levels with a lower combined time than you, but the real reason is because you're awesome.

I looked at 2 players that are higher than you in TTC, but lower in TR (Gus and Alex). You are 45 seconds faster than Gus in a single level - CMR and you are a combined 45 seconds faster than Alex in 3 levels (CMR, Dante, and Braking School). Oh yeah, and since Mike hasn't submitted runs for all of Spring Revival, he is lower than you also.

Way to go!
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