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Best time: 0:25,16
Difficulty: ?
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No, Sena, you can progress certainly, believe me, see more Reply!
I really hate this level,it seems to relly partally on chance,and chance is one thing I canot make happen....exept by playing it a few hundred times,but i gess I need a good ranks so I will have to do it...
Any tips?
I have to agree with PrayeR here. I officially hate this level. There is no surprise to me that this is my lowest point score level. I've only played it about 500 times, so I shouldn't expect to have it figured out. I just can't seem to find the motivation to keep playing it. When I finally luck up and get to the bottom quickly, I screw up on climbing the final triangles.

In response to MrD, yes I would like a version with 3 stairs, so I could finish without being annoyed .
Yes its horrible - I doubt this is anyone's favourite level
But it got a lot easier when 'zoom out' was introduced. I've just tried for a few minutes in v2 and the descent is a whole lot easier again with automatic zooming.
Hats off to anyone who beat 35 secs using the 'old' 100 % view.
yweah levels like this involve alot of chance wich I hate,because a really good player may not want to spend time on this level because no amount of skill will really help you much,the same thing is on castle,I am sereously hoping we are more carefull in making the next pack,because I really find these levels increasingly anoying!
800 tries, and just hit 39xx This level is SO hard to get top 20 on...
The thing about these levels(meaning summer pack)is that any points you get here are lasting, theres not that many people still getting good ranks here...

I now have 1600 tries here and am barelly at 38xx....this is so stupid...
You just got to practice holding the wheelie, I finally got it last night on my 69996th total try. (on all levels)

P.S. I got my Palm up and running again-hopefully it stays that way-so I'm back in business! Now to gain a few lost ranks...
I have 2000 tries here now...I have top 20 tho,so I am done with this level...
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