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Sincerely it had tried it also, but by your time I suspected that you had used my idea (after somebody obtained it was going to propose that), I believe that this was intentional by your part that is to say, you knew that with that time many would try to make the trick that I proposed, if he is thus this exposes your obseción to want to demonstrate that you are superior in the game and without contributing much. because you maintained it privily. Those that I leave open are because I do not contribute anything new and I do not like to walk robbing ideas, but you are mistaken if I do not have anything in Treats (different conclusion). Thus it happens in many of my secrets if I surpass to somebody copying the trick I publish it otherwise I do not do it. But also treatment to give him to dynamism to the game proposing sometimes new ideas as it happened in ?fruits? once you copied not you deigned in sharing it without you it requested it. I do not hope that you leave the bod, the only thing that bothers to me is your obseción to demonstrate to the others that you are superior and your egoísmo towards the game.
What's up with these unofficial 'rules' of secret versus public. Isn't the whole point of having secret option so you can 'hide' how you played so others cannot see it. yes?????
Ok so then players should be able to do WHATEVER they choose to do with that option. You make a lot of assumptions which you have no concrete evidence for Cirenco. You have no idea how DK played when he got 31.xx.

Maybe he used the same trick from your video, but maybe he used his shorter trick and it just took him longer to complete it the first time.

Maybe one day I will beat a level with a trick that saves a lot of time but sit and wait at the flag until .5 seconds before the current gold and then finish. Then keep it secret to fool people into thinking I just had a really good run. If I do, that's my choice. Then let others figure out what I did. It's not dishonest or sly. It's tricky. It's strategy! Ease up a bit Cirenco. Play how you want and let others play how they want.
mike flips
lol Vega i do that all the time
Today on tatra I have gone from #22 to 12 to 10 to 9 to 7 and now 4!
Can someone explain in simple terms exactly how to do this? I can't do it at all .
I'm not sure, I think on the iphone it is easier somehow.... I can get it every 3 to 4 times i play it.
Is there a specific point you use as a reference to turn around?
huh, really? most people on the palm have a really hard time with it. I can only do it every 10th try or so.
Thats interesting, I had to try mine 500 tries to get it at all And I still have only got it once
Every 3 or 4 tries? Holy shit..
You better be taking gold soon.
I find it decently hard, though you can sometimes get in a sort of groove.
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