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Loop 2
in  OrR's Levels

Best time: 0:18,10
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i hope this 18.30 game will dissapear
that was joke of course
Yay! Uploaded! Sorry PrayeR, but the medal, tis MINE!
ermm. anyway gold was not mine
You Qi
my game is publiced.
okay now i am pissed. i had a really lucky run that would have tied me with mata for fourth but when i went to submit it said that i aborted four.two seconds into it. man why does it do that. it would have gotten me a lot closer to moving up in ttc but instead i have to go 120 points or so instead of about 45ish.
If the server is not accepting a valid recording, then email it to me and Sz. I can see if it plays on my Palm, then submit it manually for you. Maybe you have the wrong recording?
no it totally wipes out the recording. i have done this before but never with a time as good as this. i have tried watching it on different palms that some friends have and it came up aborted and i'm sure it would do the same
what i mean by wiped out is that the game just stops recording. it looks like the beginnng of my game end. did this ever appear as a bug in earlier versions?
I've done that before. It said i aborted 0.72 seconds into a game. At least it wasn't that good of a score.
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