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OrR's Cave
in  OrR's Levels

Best time: 0:36,46
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Wow, You Qi, I didn't even know about the Outline setting. Wow the game runs faster now hehe.
Get a Zodiac!
You are right You Qi !!! With the outline settings the game is nearly completly different. Amazing even the bike doesn't react the same way. Now I have to do again all the levels to try to get some better score
You Qi
actually most of my game play in solid setting instead of outline. good luck on trying beating my score!
In this time I think i ve got the biggest achievment, I use a m130..... very veryo old, but very very useful!
i use T5, before i had tj35, and i have to say that HiRes+ is more suitted for playing such games because u c more on the screen.
This level has become my new most hated level - Aaarghhh! I hate YOU!
try it in the maner that OrR and Dai did, it's not so annoying (i mean i am getting mad when i play this level in such way) like the way that Rachman! discovered, at least for me.
You Qi
nope, I think Rouch is the 1st 1 who discovered(instead of Rachman!)and post the movie here.
ok, Rouch discovered.
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