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Spring Revival Requires v1.6 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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#1 Kamirashi1715 pts
#2 BikerBrian1713 pts
(2 pts behind Kamirashi)
#3 Tyler1705 pts
(8 pts behind BikerBrian)
#4 Andrew A1526 pts
(179 pts behind Tyler)
#5 PMD1509 pts
(17 pts behind Andrew A)
#6 SPiDeR1447 pts
(62 pts behind PMD)
#7 Lee1430 pts
(17 pts behind SPiDeR)
#8 Xuzz1398 pts
(32 pts behind Lee)
#9 Spence1384 pts
(14 pts behind Xuzz)
#10 Laser1378 pts
(6 pts behind Spence)
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Update: The levelpack now contains the creators' "signatures" missing from the initial release
SZ: I have no trouble getting to the "download" link, but every time I click it, I get "Download Failed" "Safari cannot download this file." Any ideas. I have no trouble browsing, just trouble downloading the new level pack (or any of the other level packs for that matter).
Thats odd, I havnt had any trouble with that one
I found a work around to the "Download Failed" message. I found an old message from SZ saying how to install level packs that are not on the web site. I used that syntax and it worked. For anyone with the same issue, here is the syntax that worked in Safari:


Well, that didn't come across too well in the forum. Here it is without including the URL:


replace the real URL where the file is found for 'url' in the above statement.
Another long night.... Gotta be at work in 5 hours which means not much sleep... again.... Thanks BoD.
I am personally waiting for Lee to submit. I want to see some awsome routes we all know he will find
iphone installing:
chances are, the download link works again. please try NOW.

(it seems that they have recently changed something in Safari, making the old URL invalid)
I left the site for 2 days and I come back to find... The new pack is out!... YAY!! the forum has gotten more posts in the last two days than it has had in the last two weeks...
just wondering, what happened to the logos on mine and alex's levels?
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