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#1 mike flips200447 days
#2 Laser64769 days
#3 Vega64267 days
#4 BikerBrian60522 days
#5 Kristopher50926 days
#6 Spence39692 days
#7 Tabs31390 days
#8 Tyler28461 days
#9 Kenn27354 days
#10 casey24626 days
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Scoring: Each day you own a gold medal gives you one point.
Thinking about opening all of my golds as a Christmas present to BOD. Anyone else in?
Me, like 5 years ago.
Great idea, Smalls! One level that I promise not to touch is Bike 'O Clock. That level drives me mad.
Cool, I passed Vega.

It only took like 50 years.
If you go back a few pages, Vega asked me almost exactly 5 years ago how long it would take to pass him.

I estimated 8-10 months.
Congrats, Laser! That's a big milestone. And pretty slow going, since you only have 1 more gold than Vega.

I've been stuck at 5th for quite awhile. I just did the math... If nothing changes with the gold count, I will pass Kris for the 4th spot on 12/24/15. I will pass Vega on 11/25/18. Laser, you're going down on 4/2/19.
Mike Flips surpassed 200,000 days! Mental.
Just to put that into perspective. If a new person posted 50 golds on their first day of BoD, it would take almost 11 years for them to reach 200,000 days in the Golden Club!

And that's if nobody ever took any of that player's golds during that 11 years.
Andrew A
Pah! I'll 'ave 'im in months!

(a lot of months )

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