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You Qi
ROFLMAO! Bird with a tyre eye!
I didn't even find the shape of a bird... into you said that...
Well, I didn't find a better name for this thing so I added the tire and called it a bird...
Wow, a gold medal AND beat Rachman. Bet it won't last long!
You Qi
Why not adding an obstacle? more lively and logic.
You Qi
Whole page secret? WOW!
You Qi
Dags, is this your 1st secret game?
Nope - prob my last though - which brings up a point! I don't mind secret games for medals but why do so many people leave their games as secrets? If you are down in 8th what's the point? I share all of mine so that others can have a shot and I wish some more would do so too. I respect Rachman, Aleksey and You Qi cos they often share their times.
Thanks Dags. There are several reasons because people leave their movies in secret. Some of them for strategy, another for keeping a secret, and some others because there's nothing new to see...
Personally, I leave them secret as an strategy, but some others I do it for letting people use the engine.
In spite of that, I've never denied to publicate any movie when someone's need help, or ask for it.
By the way, I've publicised(is this well written?) level 25, Standard Levels.
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