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this level was so fun to make and play
i think it could be a really cool end level for the next hall of fame pack(peronal opionion..feel free to agree)
Can't you jump over the J and win? This needs more checkpoints.
no its immpossible trust me i tried that a lot
mike flips
never say anything is impossible (although im pretty sure its impossible as well)

However, it is possible in this level to get down between the "M" and "N"

This level needs a checkpoint above the "K" to prevent any tricks to skip the level.
yeah you can fall through but you wont least im prtty sure you wont.i'll test it some more and comment what happens
yep, you either fall into the middle of the v and die or die on the n or hit the left of the vand go in down by missing the v.i think i got all flaws taken care of.
I can guarantee that you can live by going thru the updraft and flipping and landing just right. Also, I guarantee even more that someone will find a way to jump the J and land on the flag. Solve all of this with Kris's suggestion. Put a flag on the curve of the J and put a flag above the K and right above the T. Then no more shortcuts will be possible. without these extra flags, this level will be shortcuted for sure! . But cool design tho. Just 3 more flags and this one is good to go
all right ill give sz a pack with all my levels from that pack that are mine and some more.
im sending my pack in and there is only one new flag o the q which solves everything
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