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so close to so far
in  Bones and Mike's Top 25
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yeah vega the flags on the right are a tease im sure of anyone else think hall of fame potential??
Bones I haven't played this yet but I am still about 99% sure that you could acquire enough speed and hit that bottom block just right to jump the white clouds and shortcut the best section of this level. It would also negate the coolness factor of the irony involved here. You start inches from the finish, yet have to go through all this mish mash to get back to the flag. That clump of finish flags at the bottom is a nice teaser, but that's all it should be. I still vote yes for this one because it's such a cool concept tho. I wish I thought of a level this clever. I might try to download it and prove it can be done. If I can't do it then I'll just shutup about it
mike flips
i agree
vega and mike,
i have tried about 5 times a day since i made this level to do tha jump and have concured it impossibile.BUT i will add more obstacles to totally enclose it and send it to kris if it is selected.
p.s. i havent voted cause im away from computers right now. only my palm so i was wondering how are can you bike right and alphabet doing?
"Can you bike right?" is near the top of the list, which is why I think the older levels aren't getting a fair chance. Some of the old levels were good, too.
Great level. No changes needed (other than about 1 more level of height to that wall of clouds, of course )
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