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Levelpack Explorer stiggy
Just search his username in the search engine, then go to uploads, they should be there. The levelpacks names are t.f.f.m easy, t.f.f.m awesome, etc.

Searching for people :D thedudeguy
not the same idea, but strangely if you search realy, you'll come up with alot of examples, one that even includes really, but if you search really, nothing comes up

Happy Face Kristopher
You can search the site (search form at top of page) for RsrcEdit, but I don't remember anything about it that's not already posted.
I was never able to get hi-res (16 bit) images in like Master KO, though.

Improving the website, Act 2 bones
HEY EVERYONE!! search your name on the new and improved search tool and watch the entries rack up...unfortunatley pmd only has 2 which doest make sense....

Biker's Cafe Xuzz
Searching for people :D
A funny idea I had one day is to search in the search box for things only one (or mostly one) person says.

Some examples:
"cirinco" -- pickle
"lovely" -- Lee
"ffs" -- PrayeR

Can you find any more ?

Ideas Henoch
Tools to search comment from one user
I think it is good if we can have tools to search comments from one user in this webpage forum. Because the forum has become so big more than 12000 messages in this forum, it is very difficult to search any interesting comment you've read before.
What do you think guys??

Tungsten E2 controls Kristopher
I tried restoring my Bike or Die! recordings after a hard reset, and it was very hard. I had to search for them in "C:\Program Files\PalmOne\", then add the 500 recordings to the PalmOne QuickInstall. The QuickInstall is very slow, and took 2-5 seconds to add each recording. Now I have 1000's of recordings! I think you will find it easy to live without your old replays, since you should be getting better still. You can also search for levelpacks, although I keep a copy of all of the levelpacks so I don't have to search for them.
Several players here have played fine with the TE2. Don't forget about the new feature that captures your key presses to set the controls.

Improving the website, Act 2 PMD
The search tool is very cool. As Bones discovered, it looks like it only indexes three character words for player names. Any search for 3 character words or less will only turn up players.

SZ, it effects searches for you too. Any chance at a fix?

News Sz
Improving the website, Act 2
Finally, the new website is ready, bringing a lot of long awaited features:
  • Search (see find.php?fp=search)
  • Completely new  Freestyle
  • Reworked page design
  • More convenient private messaging (and you can see your sent messages too)
  • "Preview" before posting
  • URLs in comment become clickable automatically
  • Easy paging through Hall of Fame tables (type page number or player name)
  • and more!

    Many of these improvements are your  Ideas - thanks!

  • Multiplayer ackmondual
    ""I notice the same ideas keep reappearing. I guess we DO need a search feature at this site! ""

    not the only thing....
    -A search feature
    -email notifications to message replies
    -email notifications to PMs
    -html tags or just formatting

    -see more than 10 levels per page
    -see more than 10 level packs per page
    -compare levels side by side (e.g. all of Master KO's levels across all levelpacks, see all hard rated levels across the level packs, etc.)

    -be able to jump to any page instantly, rather than having to go from 10 to 40, to 70, to 100, etc.

    Kenn's game on Steps Spence
    He didn't admit it according to search.

    iPhone mike flips
    ...and now you search for big words and use them incorrectly.

    Like a Glove Kristopher
    We have a search tool, you know.
     like a glove

    Total Race Spence
    Type "emotions" in the search bar.

    Searching for people :D bones
    you can search for pickle with bikerbrain.

    Biker's Cafe Kristopher
    91118, Gone! has moved!!????

    It seems that they've joined with PocketGear.
    I don't like it.
    My review on the Bike or Die! product page is not listed.
    Either the search feature is bugged, or my Bike levels are not listed there. (If you search for "Bike" in the games section, the 10th result will be a "Screen Prefs" utility.)

    "While we have eliminated much of the outdated and freeware listings, actively selling current titles have been migrated to the new PocketGear."
    As if extorting 40% of sales wasn't enough, now they don't even feel obligated to offer freeware.

    I was going to upload my latest levels to Palmgear as I have done in the past, but I get the impression such freeware will get lost in this commercial site.

    I suppose if I had read their last email more carefully, I could have seen this coming in October...

    Time Trial Champions PMD
    Yes, Eli is taken. You can find out by using the new search feature.


    Searching for people :D Mr.pickle.
    hehe, search for pickle, and almost everyone has insulted me

    Searching for people :D thedudeguy
    if you search someway, you find monkeyboy

    Orkut - Bike or Die Community Kristopher
    If you already have a gmail account, I think you can use it to log in at

    Then you can search for Bike or Die.

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