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PORTING to Nintendo DS MunkYBoY
multiplayer would be cool. i was thinking it would be something similar to elastomanias multiplayer where you help eachother beat the level

Ideas the_hintern
It would be great if there is a Multiplayer funktion.
When can play over IR(Infrared) or Bluetooth against a friend!

Ideas Polo
can you add multiplayer in iphone via bluetooth, wifi and/or online

this be great

Ideas Daniel121
I think it would be cool to play against another player nearby using infrared or bluetooth... we can have races... or even scoring points for tricks etc... we can have obstacles... many more types of games... but i think multiplayer would be a good feature

Ghost Bike Kristopher
It would also be good for a multiplayer version, if there was one.

Multiplayer Seppel
PS: is multiplayer on your ToDo-list?

Multiplayer bones
i think there should be a multiplayer device where the other player becomes the ghost so you would need 1.4

Multiplayer GPolice
IR Multiplayer would be cool because... I have more PalmOS devices without BT than with

Multiplayer!!! Kristopher
Search much?

Time Trial Champions PiNerd
If IIRC is a typo then it could refer to IRC, which is a forum of simp-le chat used often for multiplayer gaming.

Ideas Austron
Online multiplayer
I know its a long shot, but it would be cool to be able to play Bike or Die online with other people in real time...

Multiplayer Seppel
Multiplayer would really be extremely cool!
BTW: That's also a good way to sell more licenses

Beside showing the opponent bike you also should insert an option to only get a kind of "time penalty" when crashing (instead of level restart).

Greetz, Seppel

Online multiplayer PiNerd
I don't have WiFi on my Treo (the 800 and the 850 aren't out yet!) so I'm not bothered about real time multiplayer, but how about trackmania style multiplaying, where all of the times are downloaded (but not recordings) and you can see instantly where that puts you in the wrld when you finish a level, and you can race against the closest public recording for rank 1,10,25,50,100,150 etc. Now this would be good.

Multiplayer!!! Mr.pickle.
True enough, but once you get the hang of it it would be easy. The nazi sombies game sucks, even if you have 3g it doesnt work very well..... The first person who makes a working multiplayer game be it racing, or fighting, or some other genre if someone can manage it with minimal lag, that game will be very successful.

Adding achievements..... Mr.pickle.
Nice dance Vega ............

Anyone who has a iTouch, or iPhone, knows what he means by achievements. The way the dedicated BOD players, play is strictly competitive. I mean occasionally we will get bored, or try some random user levels, just for the fun of completing them. But in general our goal is to stick to the HOF levels to become worldwide known for being the best biker.

However, to my knowledge (which is admittedly very limmited) there is no successful game designed for the iPhone which is strictly competitive. The closest to a competitive game which is successful is probably the "Tap Tap Revenge" series. Which in the 2nd and 3rd installments you are able to play live against other players, and the player with the highest score is the winner. However, it is not strictly the competitive side of the game that makes the game so successful. To this day (I believe...) the most ever downloaded app of all time for the iPhone system is the first installment of this game, which did not have any multiplayer function at all whatsoever.

It did however have a lot of achievements. Things like having played the game a certain amount of time, beating levels on different diffaculty's, getting 100% perfect score on any level(again of the different diffaculty's) playing the game so many days in a row. Other achievements of this sort. The point was not to get the most achievements so that you could show them off, it was simply that they were downright entertaining to aquire due to the fun nature of the game. It gave you goals to complete instead of just playing through the game till you had "beaten" all the levels.

Due to the fact that there really arn't that many good multiplayer games for the iphone(especially not racing games) when a person downloads a game on that system, they don't try to beat other peoples scores and such. They play the game for how much fun it is as a single player game, and they never realise how much more fun they could be having by submitting and joining into the multiplayer frenzy.

Adding achievements into the game, would definatly assist in making the game more fun as a single player game. Things like so many flips in a level without hitting the ground, staying in the air for so long, going so far on only one wheel, all of these would make the game more fun as a single player game, because people naturally try to aquire all achievements. Especially if they can view a list in-game of all the avalible achievements they will try there hardest to get them all.

Now that we have established what iPhone users want in achievements, we look at how we can use them to make the BOD community grow. The one mentioned about submitting one recording to the HOF, is definatly a good way to get them started. After that you could expand on the same idea and say submit 5 levels, then an entire level pack, perhaps even another achievement for every single HOF level pack. Then you could have achievements for rank as well, for instance, entering the top 100, entering the top 50,20 and 10 and even top 3. Getting top 10 on a level, getting bronze, silver and gold on a level(one for each).

As a bonus, achievements could be displayed on the players BOD profile, for bragging rights. Perhaps add another competition into the multiplayer aspect of the game, for achievements, different achievement points could be awarded for different achievements(aka getting top 10 could give you 3 points as where top 100 could give you 1). So long as it does not simply turn into a copy of the already existing TTC rankings, and keeps a large number of achievements in doing a certain amount of flips, reaching a speed, and things in that category I believe you could viably attract tons and tons of new players.

As aackmondual said in his first post, it IS a cheap move, but it does wonders for this sort of game.

Ideas Spence
online version
wacky idea but wonder if there was an online version of BOD?
it could have a lot more features than the palm version and could easily incorporate multiplayer.
on the other hand BOD for palm could get left behind and defeat the real reason for this site.but you would have to own the palm version to play the online version because there would be way to many people.
just a thought.

Multiplayer!!! Mr.pickle.
The game already is multiplayer, but I agree live gaming would make the game the #1 game in the app store for months if you could play live. However I don't think it is ever going to happen unfortunatly, sz did alot of work to put the game on iphone from the previous Palm OS platform, I dont know that it is in any way compatable with having another bike racing beside you.

Doesnt seem like it would be much more complecated than racing the "Ghost" bike, but I imagine it is actually much more complex than that.

Online multiplayer Sz
actually, ghost bike is a timeshifted multiplayer
unless you meant something more than just racing (which could also be interesting, e.g. "BoD Capture The Flag"! i wonder how bad is the network latency of the typical wireless internet connection... such games do not tolerate lag )

btw. i didn't want to allow for downloading other players' ghosts, because any BoD recording contains all information needed to submit a new game, and having thousands of such files available for download could help "cheaters". however, the recently improved flash player already receives the replay information using a completely different format (which is useless for submission but can be replayed easily), so now it will be possible to add "download the best public ghost" option into the game.

Ideas Xuzz
My Idea compiliation!
1) Custom text messages (like in the tutorial)
2) BT multiplayer (like ghost bike)
3) Time and battery in interface, remove pointless speed meter
4) Statusbar shown in fullscreen (an option?)
5) Better UI - No palm menubar, a custom menu that is displayed on the screen. Or a button to bring up the menu.
6) Customize button for next level (on the beaten level screen)
7) The obstacle mines should blow up when run into.
8) Until users can add their own bitmaps into Bike or Design, it should come with some more pictures, including fire hydrants and animals.
9) The game should have the option of running as fast as the palm will let it; sometimes the frame rate seems to slow.
10) The 'submit best times' part of this web site should accept more than one recording at a time.
13) Obstacles should appear on the map.
11) The map should include an accurately sized picture of the biker; sometimes it is hard to tell how big the level really is because all you can see are colored dots.
12) Players should have the option of viewing levels with default colors (grass ground and blue sky) instead of the level's colors.
13) Web preview shouldn't be anti-aliased because the game isn't.
14) Play on the web.
15) Better colored progress bar for loading, less flashy (IMPORTANT!!!)

Some are copied from other posts (Kristopher's mostly)

News Sz
Bike or Die v1.4 is coming!
Download the first public beta here:
  • BikeOrDie - New Deal.prc - levelpack utilising 3 new gameplay features, described below

    New in gameplay:
  • Updraft (can work as an elevator, trap, create effects like reversed gravity, weightlessness)
  • Variable friction. Certain surfaces can be marked as "slippery" or "reduced friction"
  • Selectable number of mandatory checkpoints (can increase the number of different ways a given level can be solved)

    Technical improvements:
  • Ghost bike. Race agains your best recordings! It's almost like multiplayer
  • Improved map
  • Levelpacks on card. Levelpack selector can be used to move levelpacks between internal memory and card. When installing manually, place them in /Palm/Programs/BikeOrDie/Levelpacks
  • Recordings on card. Just switch to "Card" in "Recording Options" and all your recordings will be moved to external memory freeing a lot of space in your device. (The full exaplanation of this feature and its benefits would not fit here, i will describe it later)

    Bugs/Compatibility issues resolved:
  • No more annoying pause when dying (experienced on NVFS devices like Lifedrive, Tungsten 5, Treo 650)
  • Better power management (does not run on full power when not needed, eg. in pause, map)
  • Pause automatically when the device is turned off

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