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8. Hill (457)
9. Cave (368)
 New Deal (2611)
 Old School (2249)
 BikeForce (1253)

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SiuLun's Levels
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#2 mike flips1221 pts
#7 Laser1095 pts
(126 pts behind mike flips)
#51 xxx569 pts
(526 pts behind Laser)
#67 shaunnortho480.75 pts
(88.25 pts behind xxx)
#76 RFKennedy45434.75 pts
(46 pts behind shaunnortho)
#128 EricB248.25 pts
(186.5 pts behind RFKennedy45)
#207 Shepsidude111.531 pts
(136.719 pts behind EricB)
#215 bartonator101.298 pts
(10.233 pts behind Shepsidude)
#230 zeeboy90.971 pts
(10.327 pts behind bartonator)
#279 dude61.126 pts
(29.845 pts behind zeeboy)
49 comments on 5 pages: <<<< 1 2 3 4 5
oops that should be hill instead ofZip Zap....
I don't have a medal on Palmstamp either, but I will eventually get more medals and Golds here.
well get that one tojust for a perfect record....
mike flips
you didnt steal enough of my golds already?
oh your right mike,kris shouldent steal a gold then you only have 47!wich is only 47 more then most boders
Levels 3 and 5 aren't yours.
mike flips
Very true Kris. Go ahead then
The contest for this pack between Kris & Mike is amazing - how many more times can you swap golds in here ?
mike flips
I hope no more times.
i have top 30 in all exept 4 levels in this pack yet am still not top 30 in rank!out of my times wich are not top 30 2 of them are top 50 and the other to one s in the 70s and on is in th hundresdso after improving the lower 2 I will probly get it but I hate!the other 2.....
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