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#1 Andrew A0:29,38 / 16 LP
#2 BikerBrian2:27,36 / 16 LP
#3 Kamirashi2:34,58 / 16 LP
#4 Laser6:33,86 / 16 LP
#5 PMD6:41,04 / 16 LP
#6 casey13:18,02 / 16 LP
#7 SPiDeR15:29,48 / 16 LP
#8 Alpha16:08,50 / 16 LP
#9 Xuzz16:40,86 / 16 LP
#10 Mr.pickle.19:33,54 / 16 LP
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Scoring is based on the total time needed to complete all levels.
Oh! in every single level it will tell you how far from gold you are? Like for Cirenco in Cloudwalk it would say :54
mike flips
u just couldnt resist that one?
I had to It's ok I'm not finished with that level anyway!
I don't think we need more Total Race divisions, because it distracts from the Hall of Fame, but I am going to be #3 if _alex_ and DK don't play more.

Shane, that is already calculated in my ranking charts.
Cave Dweller............. 46 (+101.84)
Shane: Yeah Shane, Kris has made the program for calculating the time gap, showing your position comparing with the leader, etc. Kris has made a good job here , but he have to update his ranking chart often

Kris: Maybe you can made some minor improvement with your program that can tell us the total race division for each levelpack, so we don't have to made Sz to put it down here. What do you think?
Vega, yes I meant exactly as Kris has shown - nice job Kris, thanks for the link and of course the cave dweller thing
"Pipe Universe",656.8 < < It took 656.8 seconds to complete the Standard Levels (Adding the record times for the 25 levels)
"Konecnik Down",251.38 < < Master KO's Levels is the shortest levelpack
"Oil Drop",275.1
"Congratulations!",688.28 < < The Summer Pack was really long!
"Die or Die!",478.88
"Braking school",458.88
"Pick Five",377.12 < < Shortest of the last four levelpacks
Wow, Casey and Laser climb rapidly. Look at their all over ranks and their total race. They cut a lot of minutes less than one month
Howdy folks.

Just finished all the levels. In at 24/32. Not too bad. An d only 32 minutes from the lead! #48 / 2506 overall.

Congrats Zed. Which level is the toughest one for you. For me is the Braking School. I really hate that one.
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