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mike flips
There is no trick. Most are secret because people have nothing to show off here and are just too lazy to click public. My game is idential to PMD just a bit faster.
There's no trick that I can see - you just have to
have a smooth run.
I've opened mine. Nothing different than the other games. Like Tabs said, it's just a smooth run (though obviously not quite as smooth as his).
C'mon, I want some feedback, what's everybody's without the portal? I want to see what smootheness without the portal can do!
If you can grab the midair flag, going backwards first could get down to 15.xx or even 13.xx....but is it possible?
Carl China
I think so.
possible, but if you are able to snag your back whee; on the flag (the trick you are supposing) then you are position to low to the floor and run into the stones on the left at speed, avoiding death here equires you to slow down, could be a bit faster but i dont belive that a 13.xx is possible =)
*plz don't laugh at me if the times here are 13.xx in the future =p *
hey, don't forget steps, the trick even looks impossible there
I have tried, it is NEXT to impossible...I think if I were to spen a thousand tries I could probably get it, but alas,i have no patiants for such things...
Cody - I was able to get high 19's without the portal, but that was a crazy good run. I don't think that it will be faster..ever. But, who knows. I might be eating my words here in a year or two
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