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Riding School Part 2
in  Standard Levels

Best time: 0:11,86
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Oh. I see. But if you really wanted to see exactly how many times I tried, you would have to check my Mom's palm, before and after it crashed, My sisters before it broke, and my friend's palm. So what I said was just a rough estimate.
I got the going through the cliff BUT HOW DO YOU MAKE THE LAST JUMP WITHOUT DYING??????

P.S. Hint for those who can't go through the cliff: It's not what you do while hitting the cliff, it's what you do while you go off the jump.
Wierd. When I do the trick I get 14xx When I don't I get 13xx
RSP2 is the first level in all of BoD to have over 2000 players submitted!
Thingemajig is like a varibale.
ahh yes this was my first top 10 timeand on probly one of the hardest places to do so,so because of that I am the most proude of this game out of all my games(evan my silver on trumpet)now the reall question is weather or not I will be able to do this on evan 1 other level in standerd
Carl China
PiNerd, I don't know what you are trying to say...
 Champ vs. 7 others
Mr Floss
That video's funny...!
Mr Floss
I'm now tied for 1st on this level and also in dead last place... That would be place #3, and also number 6,050... Except my dead last place is way more fun to watch here...
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