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mike flips
BB - was trying to stop him from getting golds - he made the funniest comments and we were stopping him from making it into the golden club (at least 5 times he had claimed gold but couldn't hold onto it long enough). I know I was a bit harsh in my comment but i didnt mean any harm as you can probably tell by scanning the forums and finding that this was an exception, rather than the rule. I dont think i was even in first place at the time its so long ago.

Oh and drinking... my Bday was a month ago so now im legal everywhere (so of course i was not drinking back then)
i agree with you completely alex

if mike really is the best he would be able to make his games public and fight off anyone that takes medals from him, instead he stays on top by making deals and hiding his games
, if the 11 or so people who have been on the forums recently band together as the BoDAAMF (Bike or Die Allience Against Mike Flips) who each work on 6 of the levels that Mike flips has golds on that are their favorites and simutanously submit all of the golds and push MF to 0 G 86 S 17 B... Topple mike flips (i'm partly joking incase people are still believing what i'm saying)
I'm not against mike, it is just sort of annoying that he keeps most of his games private
But, i mean, he has been first for nearly 3 years, maybe a new champion would be nice for a change (and no, not me, i'm not good enough yet). And yes, it would be better if MF kept his games public. I'm gunna start making all of my games public again, unless it is a new route
I keep most of my games private too but only cuz i'm afraid something obvious will show up in the h2h...but i never check if there is something cuz you have to make it public...
mike flips
Spence - you can make it public and watch the H2H and then after watching it you can make it private again, so only you see the H2H. Theres no chance anyone will be on the site at the exact time and happen to click on that game.

Yes there is, i've seen many a game that way .
@Xuzz: Only because you lived on the BoD website for months at a time... not saying there's anything wrong with that, I'm just saying.
All they have to do is see the games i just uploaded rolling across the ticker at the bottom
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