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Best time: 0:27,06
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mike flips
the checkpoint can be reached in < 15 seconds using different methods similar to those in sawtooth

to get back, after getting the checkpoint, keep going up the wall to build speed for the way back

if you get enough speed you jump from the far right mountain to the second last one, i think and it can be landed perfectly,

Lee, way ahead of you...I got 32:02 now
and 31.xx here ^^
may be bug of this level, or bug of v1.4, I almost get 27.2x ?V 27.3x just now, but big bug happen, the bike totally passes through finish flag, but nothing happen, I could hardly believe at that time.
mike flips
if it happens again, go to "save my last game" and submit it so that SZ can see
mike flips
And nice time btw !
Thank mike, but that is not important, I only put forward the potential question, In addition, congratulations on becoming number one at last, especially winning in Standard Levels, that is quite not easy, well done.
mike flips
thank you DK
It the same spends in Normal Half in any case the time to me was registered, bici stopped a little beyond the flag.
Feel sorry to Sz, possibility that I mention bug before, it just now take place again, I almost get 27.1x, original I am very depressed, but I have seen replay again, find I have unexpectedly missed the first flag, it should be like this too before, anyway, I get better time again.
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