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United States, Highland
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My next project: Fear of the Dark. If the idea I'm looking at works, I'll have that time to 40-45 seconds, its I think even more outlandish than this one though so don't expect results too quick! P.S. My current stats on lasertag are 39825 attempts, only 149 completions, 11405 failures :p I restart early a lot :p
Level 14 - LaserTag

Time: 0:41,52 (Completed)



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this was btw the only game in all the games I have watched( alot....) that has ever literally made my mouth drop open, that trick at 25 secs just was jolly well amazing..
Congrats on getting gold.

How long have you been playing before your submit?

Now you should go work on your Sinus Mountains time.
A gold here but a 1768 there, really?
At Spider's request I went to my least favorite level of all the levels across all of Bike or Die, and improved my rank to just under 300, I tried for about 15 minutes but decided not to bother going for that massive jump and just played it normally :p
mike flips
I never even noticed that Kenn - although, I found a way to do it perfectly smooth without ever slowing down... but its not really useful anymore now with the new route

Pickle - what trick are you talking about after the second flag?

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, this is one of the most creative new routes I've ever seen. Regardless of what happens in the future, this will always be "Kenn's Route".

I studied the heck out of this level yesterday and reasoned that the only way to save the kind of time you mentioned was between the upper left and lower right flags. I tried it many times, but never imagined the spin up to the 6th flag. Incredible.

Keep up the great work. I can't wait to see your imagination unleashed on other levels. Again, welcome!
Yeah Pickle, what trick are you talking about after getting the second flag? I did that trick back in April and held gold until I opened it in July, just before Laser and Tyler used it to beat me . Casey was the first to publish the move from the upper right to the lower left.

I imagined that my beginning and Casey's drop would shave about 2 seconds max. The Kenn came along and rocked the heck out of this level by introducing a triple cablecar, hook and flip move.

Laser, I've bragged on the design of this level before, but I'll do it again. LaserTag is incredibley well designed! It's amazing how many routes have been invented since it's inception.
Well, if someone decides to help me out with that emulator, then I can make even more levels (and then get gold on them).
Presumably you've Googles "palm os emulator" to see what comes up?
It looks a bit more complicated than that. Not sure if I should get an emulator, simulator, or if I need a rom for the game itself. Even then I have to figure out how to work it. Too much mumbo jumbo gets me confused.
Laser- game.php?g=140012& cp=c32991#c32991
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