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United States, Highland
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My next project: Fear of the Dark. If the idea I'm looking at works, I'll have that time to 40-45 seconds, its I think even more outlandish than this one though so don't expect results too quick! P.S. My current stats on lasertag are 39825 attempts, only 149 completions, 11405 failures :p I restart early a lot :p
Level 14 - LaserTag

Time: 0:41,52 (Completed)



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Laser- game.php?g=140012& cp=c32991#c32991
Thanks, Spence. I could only get the old version of BOD to work (1.6), and it seems like you could only use F1-4 and Page Up and Down for the buttons (I also don't know where it's saving anything). It's like relearning the entire game, and very uncomfortable at the same time. Any other ideas?
Come on now Laser. Beggars cant be choosers.
Email xuzz about it laser, or maby Gus? I think Gus actually got a good time on some level using that, so perhaps he is aware of how to alter the controls or otherwise.

What trick am I talking about? Don't ask me I am a teenager I don't get 99% of the stuff I say, hah ok it was just a really dense moment where I thought the turnaround was new, my bad
gah,to much facebook!
I have to chime in and say "Wow!"

This is one of the reasons why this game keeps surprising you. I thought I had a really solid run several months ago and it has been beat with several tricks since then, and now all those have been blown out of the water by this.

Well done Kenn! I'm excited to see what you do with Fear of the Dark, although if you have to spend 40K attempts on that one too, it might be awhile

My guess is this one will be amazing people for quite some time. But with this game, you never know...
Laser, there are programs that let you configure a joystick with any key you want, so you could program F1-4 to your convenience using any $9 gamepad, the one I used a while is called xpadder, it's free and pretty easy to use, hope that helps.
Kenn, this is beautiful - the most inventive run in years.

Must say though, 39K attempts is pretty bonkers and you'll have gold everywhere with that kind of persistence!
@Shane You have to realize that while its 39k attempts I made full use of the Resume feature in order to achieve this, a VERY LARGE number of those attempts lasted less than a second as I practiced the individual parts of the run.
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