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United States, Highland
Level 14 - LaserTag

Time: 0:43,66 (Completed)



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Wow, way to go Kenn! Welcome. Incredible entrance. Am I correct to assume you're playing on the iPhone?

I would love to see your route, but I certainly understand not opening it (I personally wouldn't do it). Do you seriously think another 2 secs can come off?
Wow, I didn't expect to get a comment this quick, yes, I play on the Iphone and using the resume feature I have managed 40.68
Sorry for double comment, but its worth note that even on my 40.68 game using the resume feature, there was plenty of lost time, I know 39.xx is possible using this route.
First submitted game and it's a gold.
Your next should be no less than a silver.

Good job and can't wait to see it.
mike flips
I think I figured it out and if you did what I think you did then that was pretty ingenious

If only you hadn't announced a new trick, you could have kept gold forever and everyone would have just thought it was a fast run
I fully believe that you did figure it out if you think you did. :p I also fully believe that I'm nothing more than an average BoD player so I'll never have a fantastic number of golds (fastest I could get using the route in the fastest public game was 47.xx)
mike flips
You never know. Ingenuity has its place here.

But persistence is really the key. In order to get that "perfect" run, every little part of the level has to flow together, and that takes many runs to achieve.
Great job! We need more good players to help keep the game competitive...HEY! That's my gold you stole- on a level that I myself created! If you leave and never return again, I'll call it even.

On a side note, if anyone could hook me up with that emulator version of the game for pc that some people use, that would be great. All 3 of my old palms are broken, and I started to get an itch to play again.
I no longer have it...sorry...try PMing Gus, thedudeguy, or...uh...idk.
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