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Skyway Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
in  You Qi Levels

Best time: 0:26,28
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Dags - I'm with PrayeR in that it was a bad idea to share your replay so quickly. And besides, you don't need to see my replay to beat my time, I pretty much did the same as you and PrayeR.
You Qi
yea yea! doesn't sounds nice when every tricks just figured out within a week after the map release.
now i won't share any ideas how to play games never.
that was last time.
no sence.

it's not about places Dags, it's about there are a lot of peoples who never share.

u r not with me Spencer, i would say a lot about u but i am not going to swear hear.
You Qi
there a some other ways to finish, and all below 40 sec.
just this way is fastest.

maybe i will play them and then will show how to do it, but it won't be so fast like this one.
here, who dont want to go down the rail can finish the level in this maner http://bike.toyspring .com/game.php?g=20500

if u will be able to get good times - plz make your movie Public.
32-33 sec is possible with this new rote (see in my previous message)
what about 29.58 secs?
post it
i bet rachman has a stack of times that will be submitted at some point, probably all 1sts lol
Anybody notice the words ?
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