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Bike or Die 2 Title
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Of course, given the puzzle-esk nature of this map, it would be necessary to strategically setup several red flags to secure a watch-worthy route. This also, wouldn't be a bad idea, since most of the levels in BoD have red flag markers anyway. For introductory purposes, this concept would be a good initial representation of a true BoD level.
where not saposed to be able to see the new level with the new grafics yet,rite?because I just downlaoded the new level and the new version and it all still looks the I am gessing that the new version is simply to giv all users acces?
on the subjectt vega and mike are speaking of.

I think it needs flags too,tho I would like it if,we made this the 1st level of the new pack when it comes out,because its a great level,and would be a suiting start to the new features
i though the flags could make you feel obliged to complete the level or fight for a better time instead of focusing on artistic performance (or they could make judges feel obliged to rate such player higher than the others), that's why there are no flags - let the best FREEstyle win!

on the other hand, this level could be added to the 13th HoF pack to celebrate the BoD 2 launch (with some flags added). but where should i place the flags?
I love your suggestion about adding the intro level to the 13th pack. As for flags, the rider should be required to visit all areas of the map (the ceiling, BIKE, inside the curve of the 2, lower right hand corner).

Sz, thanks for luring Pickle away from earning points for a couple of days . I can't wait for the new version...
Riding on the text is painful, so perhaps not brilliant for the HoF. It will demolish new players, too.
Love it!!!!!!!!!!
Does not need flags or finish line!!!!
Great level
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