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Head to Head

(United States, Highland)  Kenn
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Time: 0:43,66
 Kenn (United States, Highland)
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Time: 0:38,40
Player's comment:
Hi guys today is the 2 year birthday of my Lasertag route, with not a single duplication yet.

As a birthday present for it I managed to cut an additional 1.38 seconds off, amazingly I am now convinced at *at least* an additional half a second can come off, which would bring the time into the 37.xx range.

For an interesting video to watch check out the differences and speed increases I have found in these 2 years by watching this video versus my fist submission in head to head, which have a 5.26 second difference.  Kenn vs. Kenn
Level 14 - LaserTag

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Both runs are amazing!
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