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Mexico, Guadalajara
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What about this spin?
Level 2 - Riding School Part 2

Time: 0:14,60 (Completed)


Hey check it out everyone! Since I started playing BOD long after the rachman! era I'll probably never really know how much he contributed to the game, but he seems to be a bit of a BOD Legend. This recording is pretty good proof that he is the first person to come up with the spring trick that has changed this whole level. His game comment is on page 2 of 304 in the forum. Crazy eh?
You Qi
Just for your information, most of the route you are using today was firstly found by rachman! I miss him so much.....
This is why I think that he is the real champion, nobody can surmount him so far.
i totally agree, rachman! rules this game...
wow he must really have been the best cause there are many games he submitted up to two years ago that people still cant beat
mike flips
... such as?
not the huge pros but average people.. we still use a lot of his routes tooday.(double sprint,skyway)
yes it's true rachman developed many of the routes we used, but we probably would have figured them out too. Take this level 4 example. I did this spring trick before I even saw anyone do it and Vin did it at the same time and we submitted without knowing. This is back when 12:34 and 12:40 was a big deal on RSP2

So yes rachman may have discovered this trick first, but he never took it very far because look at the time (14.60). I think it's just a matter of time before routes on levels get figured out and the oldtimers in BOD get quite a bit of 'Legend" status simply because they were the first. The more I play this game, the more I realize that some of the accomplishments that were "sooooo amazing" at the time sorry to say but actually they kinda weren't really all that amazing.
mike flips
and i never even thought the things were amazing... i figured a lot of things out just like you said Vega,

i was actually disappointed because everytime i thought i had a crazy new trick, i found that someone did it already

and that... vega... is the reason i never liked the current format of the golden club...

if me, smalls, alex, louis, vin, gus... etc. (who have all been in the top 10 recently and have not been playing since the beginning) had been playing, there would be no rachman in the golden club...
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