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Freestyle Parade (Accepting submissions)
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Freestyle has changed! Now there are multiple competitions active for a limited time only. Each competition runs through 3 stages:

  • Submission: the rules are announced, players can submit their games. You cannot see the competitors at this stage

  • Voting: all games are revealed (but still without showing the player names). Players rate the games

  • Closed: After collecting all the votes we can declare the winners. All competitors and their scores are revealed.
  • 6 competitions on 2 pages: <<<< 1 2

    The winner is:

    One Wheel Fun (Closed)
    Save rubber, ride on one wheel!
    Is it possible to complete a level using just one wheel? Probably not but can you go farther than anyone else?
    Note: "Save the last game" allows you to save and submit a game without completing a level.

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    so sz,will we still be able to submit new freestyle games on the intro tommoro?because if we cant I am wasting my time......
    the counter will start displaying the exact number of hours (instead of days) when there are less than 24 hours left (so "N days" actually means "more than N*24" hours)
    Can we get new freestyle? I want, "Random, amazing, unreproducable stunts"
    Freestyle idea: "fixed" levels. special versions of Underground, Shelf, Downhill, Tatra (?), Equisplateral, Cactus, Eruption (?), etc. These would be like a mix of TTC and Freestlye Parade -- medals, won by the best times, but no points.

    This way we can see the ACTUAL level played out ? The incentive is the medals offered ?
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