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Best time: 0:34,36
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mike flips
I still think more levels need improving, thats the beauty of having people test out all the levels.

This level needs the ending fixed. The ceiling above the flag must be moved way up. Its such a nice fast level, we are coming full speed into the last jump, and we want to land and go full speed into the flag, not full speed into the ceiling.
Mike - I agree with most of your recent suggestions for altering levels but it's a little late for this now. We needed these type of suggestions earlier in the game. (Ice Skating, WTTJ, and now Snake) Sz is posting this pack tomorrow! This level is tough on the far right (because teh wall is not a smooth ride so it slows you down too much) and the end flag is too hard to get to. You could have a sweet run and then die a half inch before the finish flag But these levels were all played and viewed by everyone and voted on accordingly. If you want to change it don't waste time. Better change it now, post the replay on Kris's site, and alert us in the forum so we can agree/disagree just like what I did with CYBR.
I posted a modifed version of this level on the movie site and emailed it to Sz incase it's not too late to swap versions.

** Far right climb is easier
** End is more enjoyable

Let me know what you think
ok, i adjusted it a bit in the final version (before receiving the vega variant - so this is my only creative contribution in this levelpack )
Woohoo! My first medal. Silver. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.
I like this level.

If you start accelerating when the level starts, some particles will bounce from the back wheel up past the biker's head. It is like a geyser!
It's quite amazing to me how much I absolutely hate this level. I was 2 full bike lengths ahead of my 35.96 ghost definitely over 100 times and died at the top. I should have had 34.xx dozens of times. The whole level is rickitty rackitty. Ewwwww! I wish it were banned from the HoF. I hate it. Sorry to be so negative. Normally I am a very positive person in life but Ahhhhhh!!
I like it, even though I die a lot, too.
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