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Well this track is among the ones I like the most.
Certainly it was 'fixed' (without my consent) to provide a faster ending in order to be part of 'Old School' level pack. Nothing that I hate the most: altering = insult.
About my original track, I created it within a context: Snake an animal simbol of wickedness, an animal that is hard to face even to run away from, besides its deceitfullness.
You start at the snake's mouth, going through teeth and a tricky lack of floor at the tail.
jav i am sorry that you werent consulted but we havent heard from you in like what?? 6 months. we saw your level and agreed it needed to be touched up if you were here and said no then we wouldnt have put it in its your own fault not ours.
Hah! Well it's no secret that I have never been big on this course (please, no offense JAV) and I have put my reasons for why not in the HoF Snake comments page. But I think you commenting on this on April 12, 2008 is quite funny. Several things....
*If you think the version that Sz made for the OS pack is modified, you should have seen my version
*Be happy that enough people thought enough of your level to put it in the hall in the first place.
*Do your research.... there was a long, extended, drawn out, much talked about, laborious, voted upon, tested, displayed, re-tweaking, and finalization process that took place for all the levels in the Old School and Next Generation packs. For several months from end of '06 to beginning of '07, most of the forum comments were centered around the creation of these packs. If you were absent, then you missed it my friend. If you had been active and spoken up, you would certainly have been heard and been presented with the opportunity to be a part of that decision.
*We fixed lots of levels for these packs because levels that get voted into the Hall must be "Hall of Fame" appropriate. This game is supposed to be fun, not "extremely frustrating to the point of insanity". This is everyone's problem with Coal Miner Rescue. But guess what.... bones was actively involved and he put together the final version. If not for that, I'd bet strongly that it would have been my version (posted on Kris's movie website > > completely different experience )

So..... my comments here are not just for JAV, but for everyone. I think it's important for people to know why some of the levels for the HoF get altered. It's good. It's healthy. And, as I mentioned earlier, the original designer need only be present and active to have a heavy say in what is made of the final version.

vega is right i was a persistant pest and i got my way on my level
Fortunately all levels are in the public domain.
Well 'guilt' speaks for itself.
But what is true and you ignore is that I did complaint about this 'alteration'. I e-mailed Szymon including a replay of mine for this track.
I love truth, for me this matter is simple. If some track is not worth HoF, it must no be allowed to be part of -any step further needed-.
For Szymon I think he was busy at the time of my complaint, no big deal for me, at my first comment I just present you facts.
It took me about 2 hardworking months for me to create this level-pack: designing, testing and re-testing.
I just want to comment every track for this level-pack.
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