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Head to Head

(United Kingdom, Salisbury, Novichokshire)  Andrew A
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Time: 0:07,72
Player's comment:

Didn't like being No66 (messed up my profile), so found a tweak-ette. Might be a bit more left in this yet...

Now - if I can uncork Bottle.....
 Kamirashi (Norway)
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Time: 0:07,72
Player's comment:
dusted off the old gen 1 ipad and got this run thanks andrew for discovering this! feels good to no longer be #106 here xD
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Andrew A
Well done Kam! Good to see you submitting something again

It's interesting that there is no difference at all in our runs. Leads me to suspect that there is no more to be had here - this is the fully optimised route (I did try for a short while after my gold run).

It did feel like there may be though, so it wouldn't surprise me if BB had a go and further diminished my meagre, paltry Gold stash...
I tried for a while to improve here myself, Im under the impression that a wheel slips through walls easier if torque is applied to it, so I even tried turning around after using the rear wheel to get more momentum to again use the rear wheel to get through the wall when it otherwise wouldnt work, but it was too much of a hassle to try with a ton of different setups not knowing if it would work, so I gave up eventually ^^
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