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 Andrew A
United Kingdom, Salisbury, Novichokshire
Player's comment:

Didn't like being No66 (messed up my profile), so found a tweak-ette. Might be a bit more left in this yet...

Now - if I can uncork Bottle.....
Level 1 - Shelf

Time: 0:07,72 (Completed)


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WOW! Seriously WOW Andrew. You broke a 12 year old 'Bottle'. Speechless.. X.X
Andrew A
Just the one frame at the moment though.

I can get a good bit ahead of this, but it's getting sufficient height, speed and the right trajectory on the final flip, to go through the wall, that's the difficult part.

Those things come as a matter of course in the standard way of doing it. All you have to do is time the push correctly on the right hand curve (and keep pedaling when your back wheel hits the platform leading into the final flip - the folk who didn't get the top time failed to do that, I think). Which is why 106 people had 7.74 (105 now.. ).

Not sure if I'm going to keep after this - but it would be nice to have a properly decisive time gap.
Andrew A
A more impressively decisive time gap - 1 frame is still 'proper'
Mind-numbing that you would even think to pursue this and mind-melting that you actually achieved a new gold time here.
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