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Head to Head

(United Kingdom, Salisbury)  Andrew A
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Time: 1:32,12
Player's comment:

First Gold on my new ,
'old' iPod.

Funny - I got stuck on this level when the game broke on my old 'new' iPod, so I played it a few times and came up with some tweaks. Hardly any I've used here (been 2-3 bike lengths ahead passing the finish flag going along the bottom}.. My best resume is 1.30.84, though pretty sure I went quicker on the 'other' but the Congrats screen was just blank, so can't be sure.

Sub 1.30 is very tough but doable I think.
 Andrew A (United Kingdom, Salisbury)
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Time: 1:24,40
Player's comment:
This is the tweaked run (or a variation - there are a lot of variations, depending..) - though most of the tweaks don\'t show on the replay (unless you know what to look for).

I messed up the ending, though the replay doesn\'t show the \'demise due to overambition\', which happens a second or so later

I immediately got a 1.30.78 on resume. Ho hum.

It took me about 12 minutes to get this, but I really don\'t have any free time right now. I keep saying that, but it\'s truer now than ever.

However - having said that, I like to post a sub 1.31 Gold time at least. Give you BB something of a challenge if the itch gets too unbearable..
Level 16 - Die or Die!

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Andrew A
Ok - done it.

I've been quicker everywhere than either of these runs, but it's very difficult to put it all together.
Good grief. What an incredibly painful place to die. You die at 1:24.40 and it takes the red bike til about 1:26.02 to reach the exact spot where you died.

That means you could have landed a 1:30.xx, just like you say (sub 1:31).
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