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 Andrew A
United Kingdom, Salisbury
Player's comment:
This is the tweaked run (or a variation - there are a lot of variations, depending..) - though most of the tweaks don\'t show on the replay (unless you know what to look for).

I messed up the ending, though the replay doesn\'t show the \'demise due to overambition\', which happens a second or so later

I immediately got a 1.30.78 on resume. Ho hum.

It took me about 12 minutes to get this, but I really don\'t have any free time right now. I keep saying that, but it\'s truer now than ever.

However - having said that, I like to post a sub 1.31 Gold time at least. Give you BB something of a challenge if the itch gets too unbearable..
Level 16 - Die or Die!

Time: 1:24,40 (Failed)



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Andrew A
Incidentally - view fullscreen seems to be broken on Chrome (under Windows 10), but works fine on Microsoft Edge (cough, splutter.. Spit, gargle, rinse and spit again..).

I've never saved unfinished games before - can you do a H2H with them?
Andrew A
I'd - I'm a stickler for kurect puchyouhashun n gramur. Nope. Don't have Mr P's talent (and incidentally Vega, when you corrected yourself a few posts back _ you were correct first time )..

and it was 20 minutes.
Andrew A
- not_

nope. check again.
Andrew A
Indeed, indeed.

Brain fart.
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