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Head to Head

(United States, Tennessee)  BikerBrian
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Time: 0:40,12
 Kenn (United States, Highland)
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Time: 0:39,74
Player's comment:
Another new gold, open, I did not know that I previously had bronze until I recently submitted my Fear of the Dark game.

The main thing to note here is the switch from the classic, easier, and slower cablecar at the start to one in which I can accelerate and thus have more momentum for the future floors, especially the 2nd.

Another important feature is the flip at the start of the 3rd level instead of turning around to go across the floor. This is far from perfect, most of my lost time comes from the 4th floor, take it at your leisure.

As always, I ask that, in the spirit of competition, if you use something that I introduce to the level here, that you leave your game open upon relieving me of this gold.
Level 6 - Everchanging Hallway

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This is an interesting H2H. Your cool moves (cable car and flip on level 3 net you about half a second by the middle of level 3. You gain another half second before reaching the end of level 3 by getting your back wheel down at 20:50. However, I essentially catch you at 27:54. Then you gain another half second to the finish.

Based on the best aspects of both of our games, it is conceivable to get this level down to low 38s.
Andrew A
Have to say - from my own experience - not convinced at all that Kenn's start is quicker.

BB's start is good, but not spectacular. I've been a good bit ahead using the same technique - to the point that the method used at the beginning doesn't matter.

Kenn just worked really hard at it till he got Gold and then made out (in - lets be honest - his usual self inflating way - as was his wont) that it was down to his pre planned methodology.

His self aggrandizing, pompous verbiage always rubbed me up the wrong way.

Sorry - not a fan.

Having said that - his run on Lazers Thingie is properly spectacular.

Weird. I never saw Kenn's comments in that way. Then again, I wasn't exactly very active (certainly not as active as you were Andrew) when Kenn was submitting.

Having said that (yes I am copying you), his accomplishment on Fear of the Dark is properly ridonkulous.
Andrew A
Yes - it's probably just me.

I think it's something in his way of communicating that reminds me of someone from my past that I'd rather forget (this in hindsight - that wonderful thing..). I'm sure he's a lovely guy, but I can't help prickling all over whenever I read his comments. Past experience hard wiring certain illogical responses that you're unaware of till it happens?

Whatever. It says more about me than him - and not in a good way. A lesson to be learnt.
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