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Head to Head

(United Kingdom)  Champ
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Time: 0:19,58
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See what a little determination can do
 Andrew A (United Kingdom, Salisbury, Novichokshire)
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Time: 0:19,56
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Ok - not 30 to 40 frames as you say Vega, but .3 to .4 of a second is possible (though very very difficult).

I reverted to an easier, more consistent start method - just to practice the turnaround, and this popped out within about 5 runs! This start really does set you up better for the turnaround, but I gave up about .3 of a sec to Champ at one point.

The drive all the way back is pretty difficult to get, but much, much quicker, no?

Level 3 - Double Sprint

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Andrew A
Champs back wheel is at the point of the mine pit on the rise after the snowman on the way back, at 15.54. Mine gets there at 15.94 (give or take a frame or so - angles of bikes not being equivalent). So - 0.4 of a second.

Not that I'm going to try for a better time - unless I have to in future
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